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BNTABritish Numismatic Trade Association
BNTABureau de Normalisation des Tubes d'Acier (French: Steel Tubes Standardization Bureau)
BNTABotulinum Neurotoxin Type A (microbiology)
BNTABirmingham National Trust Association (UK)
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A The Parliament approved the request from Citizens for European Development of Bulgaria (GERB) to dismiss Valeri Zhablyanov as Deputy President of the Parliament, BNTA reports.
This year the 16 expert judges chose to designate two Special Judges Awards on products entered into the BNTA at FOSE.
4 M, the government "Air Force 1" squadron a BGN 79A 600; the Bulgarian National Television, BNTA a BGN 2 M, and Supreme Judicial Council, VSSA a BGN 11 M.