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BNUBeijing Normal University (China)
BNUBasic Networking Utilities (Unix UUCP Command Set)
BNUBanco Nacional Ultramarino (Angola)
BNUBibliothèque Nationale et Universitaire (French: National and University Library)
BNUBeaconhouse National University (Pakistan)
BNUBrooklyn Northern United (football; Wellington, New Zealand)
BNUBattle Net Underground (gaming clan)
BNUBroadband Network Unit (Next Level)
BNUBengzon Negre Untalan (law firm; Philippines)
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BNU opened a representative office about ten years ago in Shanghai.
The film festival will screen award winning short films and documentaries of BNU students as well as having entries from other well known institutions such as NCA, KC, FC etc.
At the ceremony he unveiled his latest work -- a sculpture of a golden eagle in honour of BRRC, which will be permanently installed at BNU.
After over 100 years of development, BNU is now a comprehensive and research intensive university with its main characteristics of basic disciplines in science and humanities, teacher education and educational science.
After the conference portion of the event, the panelists and myself enjoy a decadent meal unique to Beijing culinary culture, where the intellectual debates of the previous hours dissolve into a myriad individual conversations continuously interrupted by toasts offered to our BNU hosts, their guests, and their American counterpart (who will toast and be toasted fifty times before the end of the night).
The BNU official said the decision to bring in so many coins was based on the fact that East Timorese people need small denominations to buy and sell food and engage in other minor transactions.
To support the adoption of MATLAB in the curriculum, the BNU faculty has developed a range of courses that incorporate MATLAB, including Math Modeling, Wavelet Analysis, and Image Processing with Computers.
The first three essays and the poetry selections in the following special section are being published in collaboration with the College of Chinese Language and Literature, Beijing Normal University, and were edited by Zhang Jian, an expert on Chinese literature and dean of the College of Chinese Language and Literature at BNU.
For example, research proved that a BNU shown during prime access (the one hour "daypart" directly before prime time) was worth six times more than a BNU shown during the daytime daypart.
LAHORE, June 6 -- The thesis display of the Beaconhouse National University (BNU) has opened at the BNU Tarogil Campus.
SGI , a global leader in high performance computing, storage and advanced visualization and Beijing Normal University (BNU), one of the most prestigious schools in educational research and training, today introduced the BNU and SGI Bioinformatics Center.
For the console and the lower trim of the C4, a high crystallinity unfilled PP (Exxtral BNU 011) was specified because of its impact properties.