AcronymDefinition, Inc. (stock symbol; San Francisco, CA)
BNXBeige/Nude/XID (X-Linked Immunodeficiency)
BNXBroadcast News Exchange
BNXBritish Nuclear Export Executive (UK)
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0 II-27 BMC Software Unveils BMC Identity Management on Demand II-27 Beta Introduces SAM DATA Synchronization Engine and SAM Virtual Directory II-27 IBM Unveils Tivoli Federated Identity Manager[R] Software II-28 Microsoft Launches SBS 2003 R2 II-29 BNX Rolls Out Authenticated Sign-On[TM] 5.
The other grade, BNX BetaPP-N, contains a higher level of beta-nucleant and is also designed for use at 2% to 3% in situations where weak alpha-nucleating agents, such as certain pigments and additives, may be present in the PP and could interfere with beta-nucleation.
Currently in development and scheduled for release this year are the firm's BLS 1710 benzotriazole light stabilizer; BNX 1035 hindered phenolic antioxidant; and BLS 1200 benziphenone light stabilizer.
Both BEMA Buprenorphine and BNX are in Phase 3 clinical development.
All three experts will be on the panel and have participated in either the BEMA Buprenorphine chronic pain or BNX opioid addiction programs and will be able to offer their perspectives based on "hands on" experiences.
Results demonstrate that BNX is easy to use and well tolerated.
Financing expected to fund completion of BEMA Buprenorphine Phase 3 program and progress BNX to NDA submission
Voluntary announced removal of Suboxone tablets by Reckitt Benckiser could lead to significant upside potential for BNX
BDSI's second pain product, BEMA Buprenorphine, is being developed for the treatment of moderate to severe chronic pain, and BNX is in development in a high dose formulation of buprenorphine combined with naloxone for the treatment of opioid dependence.
net, a Software Platform for SynergyHD3 Endoscopic Visualization System II-73 Olympus Rolls Out ENDOCAPSULE 10 System II-73 Olive Medical Rolls Out New OVS1 ALL-IN-ONE HD Visualization System II-73 Vision-Sciences Introduces Innovative Video Endoscopy System II-73 Beacon Endoscopic Unveils New BNX System II-73 Olympus Medical Systems Unveils EVIS EXERA III Endoscopic System II-74 Olympus Medical Systems Rolls Out Axeon Endoscopic Videoscope System II-74 Optim Unveils New FEES System II-74 PENTAX Introduces i10 Range of Endoscopes and EPK-i7000 Video Processor II-74 PENTAX Medical Rolls Out New EG-3270UK Endoscope II-74 Richard Wolf Medical Instruments Rolls Out 5514 Endocam Performance HD Endocam II-74 7.