AcronymDefinition, Inc. (stock symbol; San Francisco, CA)
BNXBeige/Nude/XID (X-Linked Immunodeficiency)
BNXBroadcast News Exchange
BNXBritish Nuclear Export Executive (UK)
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The study is a part of the United States Food and Drug Administration recommended programme for a New Drug Application for BNX.
The study indicated that the buprenorphine pharmacokinetics was identical following multiple BNX films applied at one time compared to an equivalent dose administered as a single film.
BNX leads to degeneration of olfactory receptor neurons in the olfactory epithelium.
Animals in the BNX group were anesthetized by intraperitoneal injection of sodium pentobarbital (80mg/kg).
The other grade, BNX BetaPP-N, contains a higher level of beta-nucleant and is also designed for use at 2% to 3% in situations where weak alpha-nucleating agents, such as certain pigments and additives, may be present in the PP and could interfere with beta-nucleation.
Swedish fingerprint technology developer Precise Biometrics AB has signed an agreement with identity management solutions provider BNX Systems.
Under the terms of the agreement, Precise Biometrics' technology will be integrated with the Identity Management Suite from BNX.
Currently in development and scheduled for release this year are the firm's BLS 1710 benzotriazole light stabilizer; BNX 1035 hindered phenolic antioxidant; and BLS 1200 benziphenone light stabilizer.
Looking to broaden its position in antioxidants, Mayzo (which imports Taiwanese equivalents of Irganox 1010 and 1076) has launched BNX 1000, a synergistic liquid blend of a hindered phenolic and four other antioxidants.
BNX Systems has released an upgrade to their Authenticated Sign-On.
About BNX Systems: BNX Systems is a leading provider of enterprise identity and access management solutions.
0 II-27 BMC Software Unveils BMC Identity Management on Demand II-27 Beta Introduces SAM DATA Synchronization Engine and SAM Virtual Directory II-27 IBM Unveils Tivoli Federated Identity Manager[R] Software II-28 Microsoft Launches SBS 2003 R2 II-29 BNX Rolls Out Authenticated Sign-On[TM] 5.