BNetzABundesnetzagentur (German Regulatory Authority for Industries: Telecommunications, Postal Services, Railways, Electricity)
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By providing an endowment and broadening promise, neither a conclusion by the public authority nor a regulatory judgement by the BNetzA are awaited.
BNetzA decided to generally maintain the sub-loop unbundling obligation and to set up a competitive regime for deploying vectoring technology.
To offer some respite to the mobile operators, BNetzA is auctioning all additional frequencies in the 800MHz, 1.
BNetzA initially introduced a nationwide measurement crusades in 2012 and 2013; the outcomes were releases in a review regarding "service quality of broadband internet".
BNETZA (2006): Berg, Achim/ Eickers, Gerd/ Eilers, Tomas/ Frankl, Charles/ Henseler-Unger, Iris/ Huber, Bernd/ Knauer, Peer/ Kurth, Matthias/ Lennertz, Horst/Neumann, Karl-Heinz/ Spoerr, Eckhard/ Stober, Harald, Abschlussbericht der Projektgruppe Rahmenbedingungen der Zusammenschaltung IP-basierterNetze, Bonn.
BNetzA published "Key Elements for the Interconnection of IP-Based Networks" in February 2008.
In its Key Elements BNetzA is not assuming that Bill & Keep can be introduced in the short term as the new charging mechanism for voice services due to a lack of acceptance by market parties.
The answers given below reflect the author's views and do not bind neither ERG nor BNetzA.
Cost-orientation is already included in the Portuguese law, and in the recent BNetzA decision on backhaul duct access in Germany.
Furthermore, the development of a reference specification of an analytical cost model for the broadband network and first software implementations resulted from a project for the German Regulatory Authority, BNetzA (Bundesnetzagentur Bonn, 2005).
Of course also the other agenda items of RWC-07 are important to a number of new applications, like HF-broadcasting, satellite or scientific, and BNetzA is following very closely all agenda items and participated in the development of all European positions for WRC-07.
BNetzA fully supports the European proposal to WRC-07 for a primary allocation to mobile in the band 3.