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BO2KBackOrifice 2000
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Using the WebTrends AutoSync technology, the Back Orifice 2000 vulnerability tests have been deployed to all current registered and trial WebTrends Security Analyzer customers, allowing them to check for and fix the systems that have BO2K installed.
BO2K was demonstrated and launched by computer hackers at the DefCon 7 conference in Las Vegas.
The server component of BO2K is most likely sent through e-mail as an apparently harmless attachment or Internet downloaded file.
Using today's Internet Scanner update, customers can centrally scan an entire network including multiple ports, identify the machines where BO2K has been installed, and alert system administrators if an intruder has disabled anti-virus software - a critical clue that BO2K has been activated against a user's machine.
Jason Garms, lead product manager for Windows NT security at Microsoft added, "We value our continuing relationship with ISS, and are pleased with its quick sharing of information about BO2K with the industry.