BOABCBuilding Officials' Association of British Columbia
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In this annual report, BOABC traces and analyzes the supply & demand of China's hog, broiler poultry, layer poultry, beef cattle and mutton sheep market as well as the corresponding consumption, price changes and trade conditions, endeavoring to make clear the development trend of China's livestock products market and provide references for the decision-making of the relevant enterprises.
The data in this report includes the relevant official data of China, the data provided by dairy enterprises, data from terminal market research institutions as well as those that BOABC accumulated through years of cooperation with the industry.
According to BOABC, industrial milk powder accounts for 30-35% of the total milk powder, if the part used in small packing milk powder processing is taken into consideration, the output of industrial milk powder in China occupies more than 80% of the total quantity of milk powder.
According to BOABC, yogurt yield in 2010 reached 4 million MT, increased by 5.
LONDON -- Market Publishers Ltd and BOABC signed partnership agreement for quality market research promotion on Internet.