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BOARSBoard of Admissions and Relations with Schools (University of California)
BOARSBorn-Oppenheimer Angular Radial Separation
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Meanwhile they had slung the mighty boar across the back of a mule, and having covered it with sprigs of rosemary and branches of myrtle, they bore it away as the spoils of victory to some large field-tents which had been pitched in the middle of the wood, where they found the tables laid and dinner served, in such grand and sumptuous style that it was easy to see the rank and magnificence of those who had provided it.
The boar thrust the ferns aside and stepped into the open.
386-401) As a tusked boar, that is fearful for a man to see before him in the glens of a mountain, resolves to fight with the huntsmen and white tusks, turning sideways, while foam flows all round his mouth as he gnashes, and his eyes are like glowing fire, and he bristles the hair on his mane and around his neck -- like him the son of Zeus leaped from his horse-chariot.
For six mortal weeks, the bears and boars had a holiday.
With these words she disappeared, and hardly had she done so than a huge wild boar started out of the thicket near and made straight for the Prince.
Keep peace with the Lords of the Jungle--the Tiger, the Panther, the Bear; And trouble not Hathi the Silent, and mock not the Boar in his lair.
So the next morning the wolf sent the boar to challenge Sultan to come into the wood to fight the matter.
Once it fell about the short neck of Horta, the boar, and his mad lunge for freedom toppled Tarzan from the overhanging limb where he had lain in wait and from whence he had launched his sinuous coil.
Dusty was the highway and dusty the throat of the messenger, so that his heart was glad when he saw before him the Sign of the Blue Boar Inn, when somewhat more than half his journey was done.
Ptarmigan and wild boar fell before my revolver within a dozen moments of my awakening.
On one occasion as they were dining upon the carcass of a boar that Sheeta had dispatched, Numa, the lion, grim and terrible, broke through the tangled grasses close beside them.
Here came Horta, the boar, to water, and here came Tarzan of the Apes to make a kill, for he was very empty.