BOCRBase Overhead Cost Recovery
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Measure the interdependent priorities of the BOCR factors.
Calculate the local importance weights of the BOCR sub-factors with a 1-9 scale.
Measure the global importance weights of the BOCR sub-factors by multiplying the values of steps 4 and 5 ([W.
Step 1: Identify the evaluation criteria and classify them based on the BOCR factors.
The four perspectives of BOCR are taken as the framework for establishing tablet PCs evaluation indicators in this study.
Hierarchical framework of the BOCR evaluation criteria
Based on the hierarchical framework of the BOCR evaluation criteria and sub-criteria, the AHP questionnaire using the geometric mean method (GMM) was distributed among the 21 experts for soliciting their professional opinions.
The results show that the critical order of the four BOCR dimensions for the evaluation of tablet PCs is "B: Benefits (0.
In order to evaluate the stability of the results a sensitivity analysis of BOCR factors is discussed in Section 7.
Linguistic terms for the weights of the BOCR factors and evaluation indicators are depicted in Table 3.
In this approach, pair-wise comparison matrices are formed between the BOCR factors with the help of TFNs.
In order to calculate the weights of BOCR factors, we adopted Chang's extent analysis method (Chang 1996) because the steps of this approach are relatively easier, less time taking and there are less computational expense than the other fuzzy AHP (Van Laarhoven, Pedrycz 1983).