BODIBusiness Objects Data Integrator
BODIBioadhesive Ophthalmic Drug Insert (ophthalmology)
BODIBusiness of Diving Institute
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Mr Bodi, 46, from Preston, whose eight-year-old son Ayman can also be seen in Dodd's photo, told the ECHO: "We were very surprised by the reaction.
On the autism spectrum, a once shy and introverted Bodi matures during the journey in ways his parents never expect.
The one exception appears to be Bodi, who sent this tweet out just minutes after England held a press conference announcing the decision, the report said.
Lions captain Petersen and Bodi began on a sound note, going at just over six runs an over, and taking their time in the initial part of the innings, which is what is needed on South African pitches.
Lions after losing two early wickets, Gulam Bodi and Neil McKenzie added a steady 50-run stand to resurrect Highveld Lions run chase.
Gulam Bodi played exceptionally well with McKenzie and the two young men finished it for us.
For business-critical network access, the BODi rS (TM) multi-WAN router solution delivers zero downtime, aggregating multiple wired/wireless links for redundant Internet connectivity.
ho ho h uses, I saw bodi En E tire familie ki k lled wit an a d knive "There Entire families either shot or killed with sharp sticks and knives.
Stapleton believes that Mark Bodi, the incoming NABCA chairman, is uniquely qualified to continue the conversation about control and about how to improve it.
Carol (Chelah Horsdal) is looking after Marley with the help of her young son Bodi (Travis Turner), who is desperate to own a dog.
Akos Bodi, the European education director, TIGI, says: " The Sleek Mystique collection reflects and complements Saluja's vision.
Bodi styles are a matter of personal--and communal--taste.