BODIPYDIPYrromethene BOron Difluoride
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1] because substituted chromophores are not in conjugation with the BODIPY core (Goze et al.
N]2 transition state energies for the mono- and disubstituted BODIPY derivatives were performed.
BODIPY dyes and their derivatives: syntheses and spectroscopic properties.
The chemistry of fluorescent BODIPY dyes: versatility unsurpassed.
7), originates from the presence of BODIPY dye in the microsphere, and we combined it linearly with the real part of the index of refraction of styrene to yield the total index of refraction of the microsphere.
A good fit was obtained only if the contribution of BODIPY given by Eq.
Spectral Properties of Single BODIPY Dyes in Polystyrene Microspheres and in Solutions, Journal of Fluorescence 11 (2), 119-128 (2001).
Various BODIPY derivatives with electron withdrawing and donating groups at the meso position have been synthesized (Loudet & Burgess 2007, Bonardi et al.
BODIPY based dyes are excellent candidates for biological applications due to their high stability, high fluorescence quantum yields, narrow absorption and emission band widths.
A BODIPY derivative with a decyl group at the meso position has been synthesized to make polymers with supramolecular self-assembled structures (Nagi et al.
The goal of this research is to synthesize a fluorescent probe, bearing a BODIPY fluorophore.