BOEMREBureau of Ocean Energy, Management, Regulation, and Enforcement (US DOI)
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BOEMRE replaced the former Minerals Management Service (MMS) in mid-June, 2010 (less than two months after the Macondo blowout).
section] 1456(c); see also Vann, supra note 101, at 12 ("When a state determines that a lessee's plan is inconsistent with its coastal zone management program, the lessee must either reform its plan to accommodate those objections and resubmit it for BOEMRE and state approval or succeed in appealing the state's determination to the Secretary of Commerce.
Regulation and Enforcement, BOEMRE to Undertake Conventional Rulemaking Process for Offshore Renewable Energy Rule (Jan.
In September 2010, BOEMRE adopted two new rules aimed at improving drilling safety, including one that makes mandatory a formerly voluntary program to identify, address and maintain safety hazards and environmental impacts--one of the rules API had fought against.
65) See BOEMRE Offshore Energy & Minerals Mgmt.
issued NTL-10, which alerted operators that BOEMRE would be evaluating
It has struck me as inappropriate to limit our authority to operators," BOEMRE director Michael Bromwich told an Offshore Technology Conference luncheon.
Marsh restoration is critical to the state of Louisiana," said BOEMRE Director Michael Bromwich.
BOEMRE Plans Meetings on the Draft Environmental Impact Statement for Proposed 2012-2017 Outer Continental Shelf Oil and Gas Leasing Program: New Public Comment Period Extends to March 31, 2011
Recommendation: To ensure that Interior has a complete picture of venting and flaring on federal leases and takes steps to reduce this lost gas where economic to do so, and to help reduce venting and flaring of gas by addressing limitations in their regulations, the Secretary of the Interior should direct BLM and BOEMRE to revise its guidance to operators to make it clear that technologies should be used where they can economically capture sources of vented and flared gas, including gas from liquid unloading, well completions, pneumatic valves, and glycol dehydrators.
Minerals Management Service (MMS), (5) which in June 2010 was reorganized and given a new name: the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, Regulation, and Enforcement, or BOEMRE.
7 million related to the BOEMRE royalty recoupment, cash flow provided by operating activities was $29.