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BOETBureau of Education and Training (Vietnam)
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Inge Boets is a Belgium-based partner at Ernst & Young, specializing in business risk services.
Lybid TV is broadcasting up to 50 digital channels comprising national Ukrainian channels, including the premium sport channels Football, Football +, Sport-1 and Sport-2, in addition to well-known European and Russian brands including Travel Channel, Tiji, Gulli, Universal Channel, Boets and Zagorodnaya zhizn.
Media, Cindy Resman of Baxter, +1-847-948-2815; Europe Media, Hans Vanavermaete of Baxter, +32 2 650 17 03, or Inge Boets of Porter Novelli, +32 2 413 03 40; or Investor, Mary Kay Ladone of Baxter, +1-847-948-3371