BOGUBend Over, Grease Up
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The BOGU coat provides an equal, if not slightly better, level of protection but also provides a much higher level of comfort for our employees.
20 sentenced Bogu Kailai to death with a two-year reprieve for murdering British citizen Neil Heywood.
Kad smo se mi uzeli, nismo imali nista osim one ponjave, jedne tepsije i dva-tri korita, a danas, hvala bogu, puna kuca
The bamboo sword costs from pounds 18, the dogi (uniform) from pounds 40 and the bogu (armour) starts at pounds 250.
Bo abused his power, made severe mistakes and bore major responsibility in the Wang Lijun incident and the intentional homicide case of Bogu Kailai.
His position was also abused by his wife Bogu Kailai to seek profits for others, and the Bo family accepted a huge amount of money and property from others.
Heywood later got into a dispute with Bogu Kailai [Gu's married name] and her son over payment and other issues, and he threatened her son's personal safety," said the court statement.
bogu OC: *pak-kuk Fangyan (Yang): jigu OC: *kiek-kuk fubu OC: *puk-piug Fangyan (Guo comm.