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In order to prove this argument, Bohas and Dat list triconsonantal roots that have two consonants in common and a similar semantic range, such as Arabic bwh, bhh, and bhw, which all share the basic meaning "to calm down" (p.
This means, unlike the common assumption that the phoneme is the most basic meaning differentiating unit, Bohas considers phonetic features the ultimate distinctive units of a language that cannot be divided further (p.
Furthermore, Bohas attributes semantic notions to specific feature combinations in the attempt to establish a close relationship between sound and meaning.
In his work, Bohas tries to create a system that assigns a conceptual value to combinations of phonetic features and thus to establish the relationship between sound and meaning.
Bohas provides a very detailed description of how different meanings develop out of an underlying basic notion.
The main conclusions of Bohas and Dat's study are that the lexicon of Arabic and Hebrew can be derived from a finite number of morpbosemantic structures, namely feature templates or matrixes.
The most important argument against the assumed development of root augmentation as proposed by Bohas and Dat is that the addition of the third consonant is completely random.
Furthermore, there are some methodological problems in the analysis of certain weak roots in Semitic as described by Bohas and Dat.
This question could easily be answered by the same experiment with which Bohas and Razouk tested the ability of native speakers to extract triconsonantal roots and patterns.
Bohas even suggests that, on a purely diachronic level, the combinations of phonetic features and notions seem to be tightly linked to the capacities of the first speakers to imitate real-world objects phonetically (p.