BOIDBelief, Obligation, Intention, Desire (logic)
BOIDBusiness Operations and Integration Division (US Army)
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The flock was simulated as a complex particle system, using the simulated birds, called boids, as the particles.
For example, in a systematic review of Oligocene lizards and snakes from the Badlands National Park of South Dakota, Maddox and Wall (1) reported two taxa of erycine boid snakes: Calamagras angulatus Cope and Geringophis vetus Holman.
Just as birds and boids follow simple rules to carry out complex operations, so might an unmanned swarm in war.
Clive Boid, 55, of Oldcotes, Nottingham was cleared of conspiracy but will be sentenced for fraud later.
Boid, along with Bibby, were bosses at Newark-based Wells By-Products, which processed poultry meat for pet food.
Tantram, Boid and Boid's father Clive, 55, were also convicted of conspiracy to sell pet-food grade meat falsely claimed as human food quality.
Each boid is autonomous; there are no overarching instructions for the entire population.
They are: Clive Boid, 55, his son Andrew Boid, 33, Darren Bibby, 29, all from the Worksop area of Nottinghamshire, Peter Tantram, 47, and his wife Louise, 45, of Ingham, Lincolnshire, Kevin Wilson, 39, of Cleethorpes, north Lincolnshire and Timothy Powell, 38, of Hove, East Sussex.
Clive Boid, his son Andrew and Darren Bibby of Worksop, Notts Peter Tantram and wife Louise of Ingham, Lincs, Timothy Powell of Hove, Sussex and Kevin Wilson of Cleethorpes, Lincs, deny conspiracy to defraud.
This implies that Boid could not have had access to it before he finished his work.
Stephen Boid, project director for Park Central said: 'Although this sales rate is not uncommon in Birmingham, we are very proud of the fact that buyers are selecting Park Central because of its community-led approach and unique setting surrounded by eight acres of landscaped parkland.