BOIDBelief, Obligation, Intention, Desire (logic)
BOIDBusiness Operations and Integration Division (US Army)
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BALLOT Lidl's Lelani Dines and Chris Boid in East Belfast yesterday
It also found that SR- BOID can discriminate well between doctors with and without burnout.
The flock was simulated as a complex particle system, using the simulated birds, called boids, as the particles.
For example, in a systematic review of Oligocene lizards and snakes from the Badlands National Park of South Dakota, Maddox and Wall (1) reported two taxa of erycine boid snakes: Calamagras angulatus Cope and Geringophis vetus Holman.
Just as birds and boids follow simple rules to carry out complex operations, so might an unmanned swarm in war.
Clive Boid, 55, of Oldcotes, Nottingham was cleared of conspiracy but will be sentenced for fraud later.
Thongsbridge 234-9 (Noble 51, Thompson 70, Downend 3-30, Brylowski 3-23) Micklehurst 235-6 (Downend 33, Boid 52, Brylowski 59, Jones 33no).
Reverse thermoregulatory patterns in nocturnal snakes have been recorded in a small temperate boid, the rubber boa (Charina bottae), and in a nocturnal elapid from southeastern Australia, the broad-headed snake (Hoplocephalus bungaroides).
Crest Nicholson Developments project director Stephen Boid said: 'The innovative design offers something very special for the city and engages perfectly with the proposed and existing elements of the public realm as well as the Park Central vision.
Peter Tantram, 47, of Lincoln-shire, Andrew Boid, 33, Darren Bibby, 29, both of Nottinghamshire, Arnold Smith, 63, and John McGinty, 48, both of Yorkshire, will be sentenced at Hull Crown Court.
Andrew Boid, 33, Darren Bibby, 29, both of Worksop, Notts, and Peter Tantram, 47, of Ingham, Lincs, were convicted at Hull Crown Court of conspiracy to defraud.