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BOIMBoard of Orthomolecular and Integrative Medicine
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Rowe, Ending Terrorism with Civil Remedies: Boim v Holy Land Foundation and the Proper Framework of Liability, 4 SEVENTH CIRCUIT Rev.
Boim, speaking on Monday, said Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas was more to blame than Netanyahu for the stalled peace talks by insisting on a total settlement freeze, though Israel has built settlements for years during peace talks.
The en banc decision in the Boim case appears to have cleared away the major obstacles complicating the use of section 2333(a) against the funders of terrorism.
Yediot quoted Boim as saying that the tenders should end by February 2009.
On 9 March, housing minister Zeev Boim announced plans to build 350 apartments in Givat Zeev, a major settlement bloc just outside Jerusalem, a programme started in 2000 but suspended because of the Palestinian Intifada that broke out on 28 September that year.
Israel's Housing Minister Zeev Boim said peace "can be reached with the Syrians only if they end all terror activities, including supporting and arming Hezbollah in Lebanon and giving up their strategic dependence on Iran.
Israeli Housing Minister Zeev Boim said the new building would include 350 apartments in Givat Zeev, a West Bank settlement just outside of Jerusalem, and 750 homes in Pisgat Zeev, a Jewish neighbourhood in east Jerusalem, claimed by Palestinians as their capital.
Housing Minister Zeev Boim said the new housing would include 350 apartments in Givat Zeev, a West Bank settlement outside Jerusalem, and 750 homes in the Pisgat Zeev area of east Jerusalem.
After a series of consultations with the prime minister, Housing Minister Zeev Boim has approved.
But Israeli housing minister Zeev Boim said t h e new housing - including 350 flats in West Bank settlement Givat Zeev and 750 homes in east Jerusalem - was in response to renewed demand.
Furthermore Israel has announced its intentions to build 1,100 new illegal settlement apartments in Occupied East Jerusalem; its housing minister Zeev Boim told Israel Radio that plans were under way to build 370 apartments in Abu Ghneim Mount overlooking East Jerusalem (which Israelis call Har Homa) and an additional 750 in Pisgat Zeev; Abbas is left with nothing to gain except further desperation over peace talks that were promised to bring him a Palestinian state by this year's end.