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BOJBank Of Japan
BOJBourgas, Bulgaria (Airport Code)
BOJBank of Jamaica
BOJBureau of Justice (various countries)
BOJBoard of Judges (Philippines)
BOJBeginning of Job
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The appointments of BOJ governor and two deputy governors must be approved by both chambers of the Diet.
I'm not sure how the BOJ would justify not doing anything beyond keeping rates near zero when it's predicting three years of deflation," said Hirokata Kusaba, senior economist at Mizuho Research Institute.
When the BOJ first adopted "quantitative easing" in 2001, its focus for monetary policy shifted from interest rate targets to current account balances and other liquidity targets.
In Japan, the follow-on bubble that the BOJ created in the Japanese government bond (JGB) market has allowed the government to lose all semblance of budgetary discipline and has encouraged politicians to push through wasteful spending programs.
To counter possible adverse effects such as an asset bubble that could stem from excessive monetary easing, he said the BOJ would flexibly review its policy to stabilize inflation at around 2 percent.
Consequently, say BOJ officials, Fukui could be more effective than Hayami in building consensus for reformist policies.
The appointments of the BOJ governor and deputy governors must be approved by both chambers of the Diet.
Nakaso first assumed the BOJ post in November 2008 and was the first BOJ executive director to be reappointed since the BOJ Law came into force in 1998.
The BOJ is widely expected to ease its monetary policy further at a policy board meeting on Tuesday by increasing the size of its asset-purchase program.
One Democratic Party official has already raised eyebrows within the BOJ by suggesting the party might ask for central bank help in funding future spending to support the economy.
Neither the banks' nor the government's bailout of zombie firms would be possible with lots of near-free money created by the BOJ.
It will be desirable if the new head of the central bank can steer monetary policy to achieve a 2 percent inflation target the BOJ pledged in a joint statement released last month with the government, while communicating closely with the Finance Ministry, Aso said at a press conference.