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BOKBank of Oklahoma
BOKBody Of Knowledge
BOKBank of Korea
BOKBook Of Knowledge
BOKBlessing of Kings (gaming, World of Warcraft)
BOKBank of Khyber (Pakistan)
BOKBase Of Knowledge
BOKBetrayers of Kamigawa (Magic the Gathering set)
BOKBristol Orienteering Klub (UK)
BOKBackwoods Orienteering Klub (North Carolina)
BOKBox of Kundun (gaming)
BOKBlow Out Kit (major trauma aid)
BOKBinary Orthogonal Keying (UWB modulation)
BOKBonded on Kinship (Philippine rock band)
BOKBulgarski Olimpiiski Komitet (Bulgarian Olympic Committee)
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It is said that Bok brought home more meat than any of the two best hunters, that with his own hands he attended to the division of it, that with his own eyes he saw to it that the least old woman and the last old man received fair share.
As I say, though Bok be dead because he hunted over-keenly, it is just that I, who am his son, and that Ikeega, who is my mother and was his wife, should have meat in plenty so long as there be meat in plenty in the tribe.
Keesh and his mother moved into it, and it was the first prosperity she had enjoyed since the death of Bok.
In the first prong--identifying individuals with high potential--Bowen and Bok sensibly argue that in determining a teenager's long run potential, it is relevant to look not only at his or her academic record, but also at "what barriers were overcome.
Bok and Wallwork won back the serve and this time made no mistake as they grabbed the two points necessary for a first-end win.
With its roots deeply integrated in the country, BOK has been a primary supporter and driver of the nation's economic and social development over the past century.
The BOK is promoting Islamic Banking in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa particular and in Pakistan generally through its branches net work.
This was stated by Shams-ul-Qayyum CEO and MD BOK this morning while launching the BOK Silver Jubilee LOGO at Head Office.
BOK & JCB Debit Cardmembers will not only be enjoying the facility of 1Link network's (*) point of sale and ATM cash withdrawal in Pakistan, and around the globe, but shall also have the convenience of interbank transfer of funds and payment of utilities bills through all ATMs in Pakistan.
The Minister Finance thanked the people of the area for showing interest in BOK.
The acquisition will increase BOK Financial's retirement and individual assets under management by USD1.
The worse-than-expected deterioration in economic conditions definitely puts pressure on the BOK to add stimulus.