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BOMABuilding Owners and Managers Association
BOMABuilding Owners Management Association
BOMABest of My Ability
BOMABusiness Object Management Architecture
BOMABritish Overseas Management Administration
BOMABritish Officers Mess Area
BOMABusiness Owners Management Association
BOMABus Owners Marketing Alliance
BOMABest Of Mates Always
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Lawrence says it's still early days for Boma on its journey, however the recent announcement that Boma has a global partnership with Xero has been "amazing".
Achuan said the areas affected by acute food shortage have no road connection to Pibor, the headquarters of Boma state.
BOMA and its partners addressed a growing concern over the significant changes being considered for the 2015 edition of the accessibility standard.
Green Building Council, Energy Star, and other BOMA achievements.
To many, BOMA is a place where members of the industry can socialize, network, and get their name out there.
Boma state information minister, Achan John said the state governor requested his Jonglei state counterpart to call back the youth, amid assurance they will recover the cattle.
Concurrent with the revision of the office standard, BOMA is working to develop two other floor-measurement standards--one for retail facilities and another for multi-unit residential buildings.
This partnership is a model for BOMA locals throughout the nation to help their membership develop the key sustainability skills to reduce costs associated with owning and managing buildings.
Since BOMA New York's founding in 1967, we have represented commercial property owners, managers and professionals in the Greater New York City region--the largest industry in the market area, generating approximately $1.
The state governor, who recently visited Boma pledged to improve lives of citizens in the area, through improved education systems, health services and provision of food.
BOMA members articulated that legislation should promote energy-efficiency retrofits to commercial buildings through voluntary incentive programs, such as tax credits or rebates.
In addition to Office Buildings: Standard Methods of Measurement and Calculating Rentable Area (2010), the BOMA suite of measurement standards also includes Gross Areas of a Building: Methods of Measurement and Industrial Floor Measurement Standard.