BOMCBlessed Orientation-Memory-Concentration (cognitive assessment)
BOMCBook-of-the-Month Club, Inc. (Time Warner, Inc; New York, NY)
BOMCBritish Olympic Medical Centre (UK)
BOMCBaronial Order of Magna Charta (est. 1898)
BOMCBurnt Orange Media Conspiracy
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Task 3 Construction Observation (Optional Depending Upon Design Projected Cost and BOMC Approval)
The BOMC consciously marketed its literary-fiction offerings as a means of cultivation for readers of varying backgrounds "seeking a model for contemporary living and even practical advice about appropriate behavior in a changing world" (Radway, "Book" 276).
79 went into The Fifth Column and the First Forty-Nine Stories in 1937 raises the question of what Scribner's spent that same year on Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings's The Yearling (itself a BOMC selection)--alas, that question is beyond the scope of The Lousy Racket.
As Charles Lee writes in his history of the BOMC, The Hidden Public, when it came to words, Scherman "might not make them sing, but he could make them sell.
The BOMC selected a new book each month especially for its members to buy.
But how would the BOMC overcome the problems just discussed and keep members buying, month after month, new books they had never heard of before?
Radway's performance as researcher and author reveals conflicted motives similar to those of BOMC subscribers.
In her desire to present emotional satisfaction as a middlebrow virtue, she flattens the actual diversity of BOMC offerings.
The CRA performance examinations indicate that Banc One's subsidiary banks in Ohio, in conjunction with BOMC, generally offered a range of loans for affordable housing and home improvements.
For example, Bank One Indianapolis, in conjunction with BOMC, offered several affordable home mortgage and home improvement loan programs.