BOMCBlessed Orientation-Memory-Concentration (cognitive assessment)
BOMCBook-of-the-Month Club, Inc. (Time Warner, Inc; New York, NY)
BOMCBritish Olympic Medical Centre (UK)
BOMCBaronial Order of Magna Charta (est. 1898)
BOMCBurnt Orange Media Conspiracy
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Task 3 Construction Observation (Optional Depending Upon Design Projected Cost and BOMC Approval)
The BOMC consciously marketed its literary-fiction offerings as a means of cultivation for readers of varying backgrounds "seeking a model for contemporary living and even practical advice about appropriate behavior in a changing world" (Radway, "Book" 276).
79 went into The Fifth Column and the First Forty-Nine Stories in 1937 raises the question of what Scribner's spent that same year on Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings's The Yearling (itself a BOMC selection)--alas, that question is beyond the scope of The Lousy Racket.
The CRA performance examinations indicate that Banc One's subsidiary banks in Ohio, in conjunction with BOMC, generally offered a range of loans for affordable housing and home improvements.
I am delighted that The Virgin Cure has been selected as a National Blue Ribbon Book by BOMC.
The combination of member control along with editorial expertise and huge savings has a powerful hold on people who love books," said Victoria Skurnick, Editor-in-Chief of BOMC.
BOMC Distribution Center Fact Sheet BOMC Customer Service Inc.
Importantly, BOMC members are always free to change their genre each month as well as order additional books from different categories.
BOMC will work with IVE to create a virtual store-front on U S Avenue that will allow consumers to interactively research and order books offered by the company's seven clubs: BOMC, Quality Paperback Book Club, Children's Book-of-the-Month Club, History Book Club, Money Book Club, HomeStyle Book Club and Crafter's Choice.
PEN/ BOMC Translation Prize winner Tina Nunnelly's translation of Sigrid Undset's KRISTIN LAVRANSDATTER III: THE CROSS * PEN/ BOMC Translation Prize winner Richard Siebruth's translation of Gerard de Nerval's SELECTED WRITINGS.
BOMC Kicks Off 75th Anniversary Celebration With New Panel Comprising Four