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BOMEXBoard of Medical Examiners
BOMEXBarbados Oceanographic and Meteorological Experiment
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Legislation is moving through the Arizona legislature that would require BOMEX to consider a doctor's record in other states when deciding whether to issue a medical license, consider previous complaints when investigating a doctor's professional conduct, and hold a roll call vote on disciplinary actions.
Even the death of a woman in 1995 after Biskind reportedly lacerated her uterus' during an abortion drew only "censure" from BOMEX, who allowed Biskind to continue his practice of late-term abortions unrestricted.
Most of the principals in the design and implementation of BOMEX were experts in microscale turbulence but had limited knowledge of how to combine turbulence measurements with large-scale wind, temperature, and moisture fields derived from radiosonde data to elucidate the maintenance of the marine boundary layer.