BOMLBilly Osceola Memorial Library (Okeechobee, FL)
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Companies include were, PNSC, CEI Logistics, APL Logistics, Emirates Logistics, Uniship Pakistan, Searle Pakistan, Assurety Consulting, BOML CFS Warehousing and Raaziq International.
It is worth mentioning here that the shipment of importers is laying at Karachi Ports, Off Dock Terminals, AICT, BOML, NLC, CT and Pak Shaheen Terminals.
On 26-01-2011 the Directorate General Intelligence & Investigation-FBR received information that some un-scrupulous importers were involved in import and clearance of miscellaneous dutiable items from BOML (Off-Dock Terminal) through gross misdeclaration / non declaration of description, PCT, quantity and value to evade huge amount of custom duty and other taxes.