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BONDBritish Overseas NGOs for Development
BONDBrotherhood Organization of A New Destiny
BonDBandwidth on Demand
BONDBusiness Organization for a New Downtown (Texarkana, USA)
BONDBeginning Of New Day
BONDBritish Overseas Industrial Placement Scheme (UK)
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As the attempt to establish among themselves the community of goods was a seal of that sacred bond which knit them so closely together, so the conduct they observed toward the natives of the country displays their steadfast adherence to the rules of justice and their faithful attachment to those of benevolence and charity.
We might find innumerable other instances, where the bond of mutual disease--not to speak of nation-sweeping pestilence--embraces high and low, and makes the king a brother of the clown.
Why not leave it and the goods on it to her and take the mortgages and bonds with him?
Meantime little Heinel grew up, and as the end of the twelve years drew near the merchant began to call to mind his bond, and became very sad and thoughtful; so that care and sorrow were written upon his face.
Oh, what a fool she had been not to realize what the bond was that had held her to Gilbert -- to think that the flattered fancy she had felt for Roy Gardner had been love.
Trent stooped down and, picking up the knife, cut the bonds which had bound the boy.
It is no use," she is told, "Shylock will have his bond, and nothing but his bond.
If certain characters are always found correlated with others, though no apparent bond of connexion can be discovered between them, especial value is set on them.
What I must have of Bleeding Heart Yard,' said Pancks, making a note of the case in his book, 'is my bond.
We heard her straining, trying to free herself from the bonds that held her.
He tugged and pulled at his bonds until he was exhausted; but not entirely without hope, for he was sure that he was working enough slack out of the knot to eventually permit of his withdrawing one of his hands.
Bonds were issued, and made their appearance on 'Change; "Phileas Fogg bonds" were offered at par or at a premium, and a great business was done in them.