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BONDINGBandwidth On Demand Interoperability Group
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Figure 8 shows that bonding agent 2 is the more reactive system.
Figure 9 shows that the crosslinking reaction of bonding agent 2 starts at a much earlier point in time thus having an impact on process reliability.
Combined with EDX (energy-dispersive x-ray analysis) and microprobe analysis (analysis of the wave length dispersion of x-rays), SEM equally allows for an insight into complex systems such as the phase boundary between rubber-and bonding agent.
Successful bonding has also been achieved to canvas shoe uppers.
Extrude or calendar Alcryn onto the fabric and pass it through a heated (250 [degrees] F to 300 [degrees] F [121 [degrees] C to 149 [degrees] C]) nip roll to achieve bonding.