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BONGOBiuro Opieki Nad Grobami Obcokrajowców (Poland)
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Bongo International is currently delivering cross border enablement solutions to more than 200 countries worldwide.
In our latest update to the BONFIG, we provide insight into the future trajectory of Bongo Bongo inflation, which may determine whether the RBB will be able to maintain its present monetary policy stance.
The Bongo Man (his father was also called Bongo Man) sings in Lingala, and his high speed form of soukous gave birth to the kwassa kwassa dance rhythm where the hips move back and forth while the hands move to follow the hips.
Bingo Bango Bongo gives weaker players a chance to earn points because what matters is being first at something.
The UO partnership came under criticism from some Gabonese, who asked why the $20 million could not have been invested in Gabon's Omar Bongo University in an attempt to educate the country's next generation of leaders and managers.
James Logan, Commercial Director of the Gerber Juice Company, which licenses the Urn Bongo brand said: "This is a new era for Urn Bongo and we are seeing many customers that loved the drink in the 80's introducing it to the next generation of Urn Bongo drinkers.
Many scholars, and increasingly, hip hop heads, distinguish hip hop and Bongo Flava as two separate genres.
Mr Jones said at the festivities in Ruardean, Glos: "Don't worry - all the money raised will be staying here and not going to Bongo Bongo Land.
Although there is a fantastically rich African despot called Ali Bongo who presides over the former French colony of Gabon and sounds as though he fits the bill.
In commenting on Britain's relative generosity on international aid, Mr Bloom argued we should stop sending money to "bongo bongo land" so dictators could stop spending money buying Ray-Ban sunglasses, apartments in Paris and sports cars with the billions of pounds of UK tax revenue they're given.
The UK Independence Party Euro MP who said Britain should not send aid to "bongo bongo land" said he sincerely regrets "any genuine offence which might have been caused".
A UK Independence Party Euro MP has been rebuked for complaining about the provision of taxpayer-funded aid to "bongo bongo land".