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BONNBeast of No Nation
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Taking part in the Bonn conference are 11 delegates from the Northern Alliance, 11 from the faction led by supporters of Afghanistan's former King Zahir Shah, a delegation from the Peshawar group of Afghans based in Pakistan, and another from a pro-Iranian Cyprus-based group of Afghan refugees.
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President Karzai reportedly called Gilani late Tuesday and asked him to reverse Pakistan's decision to boycott the Bonn conference, but the latter told Karzai that the country would not come "unless assurance is given to Pakistan's security, sovereignty, integrity, honour, dignity and self-respect.
He called for the agenda of the Jirga to be clear and known to every Afghan, alleging the union had been kept unaware of the purpose of the Bonn conference.
A Northern Alliance representative, Muhammed Natiqi, told a press conference in Bonn on Monday that the alliance is ready to cooperate with other Afghan factions to set up a framework for the future for Afghanistan.
The framework set up in Bonn would hopefully induce the Taliban and other militants to join elusive peace talks with the US-backed government of Afghan President Hamid Karzai, he added.
Vendrell also said the issue of making Zahir Shah a symbolic head of state has not been officially raised and indicated that the talks in Bonn have been bumpy.
The core of the proposals was, Stop NATO attacks first, then we'll negotiate,'' Schroeder said after the Russian prime minister left Bonn to fly back to Moscow.
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Bonn has summarized three key elements of a plan for his slate of board nominees to strengthen the Company, restore investor confidence, establish marketplace credibility and implement management accountability.