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BONOBranch-on-Need Octree (tree data structure)
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It was process of Evolution, I think, from Primal Necessity, but the fact remains in all the cui bono.
Beckford, -- in all the crack novels, I say, from those of Bulwer and Dickens to those of Bulwer and Dickens to those of Turnapenny and Ainsworth, the two little Latin words cui bono are rendered "to what purpose?
The annual award honors the significant business law pro bono contributions of an individual lawyer, corporate legal department or law firm to the non-profit community in Georgia.
The new President and CEO will bring significant expertise and knowledge of pro bono, a global perspective, and an unparalleled passion for the field.
The award honors significant contributions in the delivery of legal services to individuals or groups on a pro bono basis.
Kaye put together a pro bono committee, comprising members from different company offices, who worked together to identify projects that interested lawyers in each region.
Pro Bono Bio is the first pharmaceutical company to have clear and specific humanitarian objectives from Day 1.
With a movie adaptation of Neil's book, Killing Bono, about to hit cinemas, the 49-year-old tells how he's spent his life in the shadow of the world's biggest rock star:
Pro Bono Net, a national nonprofit dedicated to increasing access to justice for the disadvantaged, received a tailored social media audit from Mouse and Pen.
PBLA promotes access to justice by creating opportunities for lawyers to provide pro bono legal services to low income Albertans who are not eligible for Legal Aid.
You, my friend, are the targeted audience of the "One" campaign launched by the Bar's Pro Bono Legal Services Committee.
Sophie Garner, from St Philip's Chambers, joined pro bono enthusiasts from across the country to attend a reception at the House of Commons hosted by the Attorney General, Baroness Scotland.