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It was a comfortable room, though the carpet was faded and the furniture very plain, for a good picture or two hung on the walls, books filled the recesses, chrysanthemums and Christmas roses bloomed in the windows, and a pleasant atmosphere of home peace pervaded it.
The old man had listed hundreds of the truths in his book.
Though there's nothing remarkable in that, seeing that he is constantly contributing articles to various publications or writing books.
She did not expect that Tom could get out of his trouble by denying that he spilt the ink on the book himself; and she was right.
You cannot read the first paragraph of the book, which begins in the right way "Once upon a time" without knowing that Mr.
The author of that book," said the curate, "was the same that wrote
Indeed, on these occasions he would feel so encouraged, he would carry his daring to such a pitch, that, rising softly from his chair, he would approach the bookshelves, take thence a book, and read over to himself some passage or another.
But Laurence laid down his book and seconded the request.
This seemed to be one of the difficult times: the Professor lifted him up, once or twice, and shook him violently: but he always returned to his book the moment he was let go of, and showed by his heavy breathing that the book was as interesting as ever.
That book was published in 1840, and was at once talked of everywhere.
In fact, from the origin of things down to the fifteenth century of the Christian era, inclusive, architecture is the great book of humanity, the principal expression of man in his different stages of development, either as a force or as an intelligence.
Carey drew up Philip's chair to the dining-room table--they had bought him a high chair by now--and placed the book in front of him.