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BOOMBoard of Ordained Ministry
BOOMBinocular Omni-Orientation Monitor (virtual reality technology)
BOOMBardzo Oryginalna Oferta Marketingowa (Polish: Very Original Offer Marketing; Poland)
BOOMBinocular Omnidirectional-Oriented Monitor
BOOMBefore Object-Oriented Methods
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They waited a time that seemed an age, and then the same muffled boom troubled the solemn hush.
And in 1882 there came such a telephone boom that the Bell System was multiplied by two, with more than a million dollars of gross earnings.
As they climbed the hill on the farther side artillery began to boom.
As the deep boom of the cannon smote upon his ear, Colonel Joliffe raised himself to the full height of his aged form, and smiled sternly on the British General.
The boom in black iron has already affected the eastern markets, where our agents have been forcing down the English-held stock among the smaller buyers who watch the turn of shares.
One looks down over the coamings three hundred feet to the despatching-caisson whence voices boom upward.
The clouds closed and the smell went away, and there remained nothing in all the world except chilling white mists and the boom of the Sutlej River.
We've shaved three dories an' near skelped the boom off a Frenchman since noon, an' that's close sailin', ye may say.
From where Kotuko and the girl were, the confusion looked no more than an uneasy, rippling, crawling movement under the horizon; but it came toward them each moment, and they could hear, far away to landward a heavy booming, as it might have been the boom of artillery through a fog.
He can write plays, but he needs a man with a big brain to boom them for him.
There'll be a boom in South Africans again one of these days, and then I'll see what I can do for you.
Two days later, from the southern slopes of Kilimanjaro, he heard the boom of cannon far away to the east.