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BOOPBronchiolitis Obliterans Organizing Pneumonia
BOOPBlown Out of Proportion
BOOPBill and the Office Of the President (Microsoft)
BOOPBone Out of Place
BOOPBasic Object Oriented Programming
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Bone marrow, lung, and kidney transplant patients have been documented to acquire BOOP after the procedure.
As previously mentioned, this particular cystic fibrosis patient could have acquired BOOP after her lung transplant.
BOOP is diagnosed by auscultation, chest X-ray, chest CT scan, pulmonary function studies, lab studies and thoracoscopy.
Patients that are admitted into the hospital had no signs or symptoms, and BOOP is often difficult to diagnose.
boops specimens ranged from 9 cm (sampled in May 2012) to 32.
0] of Boops boops are estimated by the method ELEFFAN using the FISAT II software [33].
boops population with others, all available literature data of Von Bertalanffy growth parameters and [PHI] values, including results from the present study are compiled in Table 3.
boops was found to 11 years for females and 9 years for males.
boops is uncertain, in part, because historical data on fish distributions within the drainage are based on relatively few sampling efforts.
boops in the South Fork Hughes River may be associated with Pleistocene refuge or dispersal routes, as the precursor of the Little Kanawha River has been suggested as a possible refuge or dispersal route for fishes during two periods of proglacial impoundments, Teays Lake and Lake Monongahela periods of Pleistocene glaciation (Hocutt et al.
The discovery of Notropis boops in the South Fork Hughes River drainage represents an addition to the West Virginia ichthyofauna, a Little Kanawha River distributional record, and an eastern range extension of this species on the Appalachian Plateau (Hocutt et al.
A review of recent records of the bigeye shiner, Notropis boops (Cyprinidae), in Ohio.