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BOORBestuur Openbaar Onderwijs Rotterdam (Dutch: Public Education Rotterdam)
BOORBureau Oudheidkundig Onderzoek Rotterdam (Dutch: Archaeological Research Office Rotterdam; Rotterdam, Netherlands)
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They are neither boors nor fools," he replied, quietly.
Of course, its entrance is studded with posts and chains, and surrounded with notice boards, menacing all kinds of torture, imprisonment, and death to everyone who dares set scull upon its waters - I wonder some of these riparian boors don't claim the air of the river and threaten everyone with forty shillings fine who breathes it - but the posts and chains a little skill will easily avoid; and as for the boards, you might, if you have five minutes to spare, and there is nobody about, take one or two of them down and throw them into the river.
Behind the Committee, who were as gay as a meadow, and as fragrant as a garden in spring, marched the learned societies of the town, the magistrates, the military, the nobles and the boors.
He seemed suddenly like the braying Bullingdon boor that his critics said he was
These militias of Salva Kiir forces have attacked Boor area after WFP dropped food items to hungry civilians, but these food [items] including cows and goats of civilians were all taken by militias from Bul [Nuer] and Warrap [Dinka] with a backup from government forces," he said.
Boor has a major selling job ahead of him to convince his newly constituted board of directors that the chromite projects in the swampy James Bay lowlands are worth keeping in the fold.
Boor will also maintain his responsibilities as CFO.
The judge dismissed claims by Van der Wees and Van der Boor that they were defending themselves and said they had continued to attack Niall while he lay motionless, defenceless and unconscious on the ground.
About 26,000 armed security contractors work with the US government in Afghanistan, including 19,000 with the US military, Boor said.
Kathryn Boor has been named dean of Agriculture and Life Sciences at Cornell University, New York's Land Grant university in Ithaca, effective July 1.
after the Parade will go to Dubai Autism Centre," said Martina Boor, Retail Marketing Manager, Dubai Festival City.
Stressing the need for vaccinations, grieving mother Sharon Boor warned other parents not to be complacent following the death of her nine-year-old daughter Brittany Eastland.