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BOOSBaltic Operational Oceanographic System (various locations)
BOOSBent Out of Shape (Rainbow music album)
BOOSBritish Orthopaedic Oncology Society
BOOSBaltic Operational Observing System
BOOSBondi Ocean Outfall Sewer (engineering structure; Australia)
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For someone to boo that shirt, to be honest I'm not very happy about it.
And yet he gets it in the neck from the boo boys when his side don't wipe the floor with what punters view as cannon fodder.
The item's bar code is scanned to signal its removal from the system's inventory, and a pic slip is printed out and inserted into the boo.
The next time you are at a ball game and hear fans boo, think of the boards that you are on.
But an unsigned, handwritten note at the bottom of the FBI's cover note that accompanied the Boos letter suggests that Revell had been in touch with Boos-even sending him a letter acknowledging his efforts.
The nomination committee proposes that Anders Boos, Chairman of the Board, is appointed Chairman of the Annual General Meeting.
Ian Botham had an obscene amount of boos directed at him whenever he toured Australia and an even more obscene amount of booze.
Joining a select group of attorneys from around the world, Bellingham attorney Greg Boos has been approved to practice before the International Criminal Court (ICC) Which is seated in The Hague, Netherlands.
It's our stadium and we don't need to hear boos, we need to hear cheers.
Archer-Watters' life has radically changed since 2003 when he was first spotted in ballet class by Grandiva ballet master Paul Boos.
But on his first trip to Camden Yards as an Angel, the boos rained down on Guerrero as angry Baltimore fans vented their frustrations over his decision to reject the Orioles' six-year, $78 million contract offer last winter.
Boos become a leading assistant director after moving to L.