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BOOSTBuilding on Opportunities to Strengthen Tourism (Singapore Tourism Board)
BOOSTBuild, Own, Operate, Share and Transfer
BOOSTBuilding Opportunities and Overtures in Science and Technology (educational consortium; North Carolina)
BOOSTBenefits of Oxygen Saturation Targeting (trial/study)
BOOSTBattery Operated Orbital Scrubbing Technology (trademark of Clarke)
BOOSTBusiness Object-Oriented Specification Technique
BOOSTBroadened Opportunities for Officer Selection & Training
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Boost Media offers a platform that combines the power of a curated marketplace of human writers and designers combined with a SaaS platform for automated insight and analysis.
For a limited time, customers will also receive around US$ 100 off any new phone when they port their number to Boost from any carrier and sign up for a Data Boost plan.
adidas has raised the industry standard with BOOST and will continue blazing a path in Energy Running for those who dare to follow.
The group power class is held regularly at Boost Fitness several times a week; it is open to both men and women, but is especially popular among women.
With the available Boost Wellness Program[TM] employers can find in-depth information on corporate wellness programs for their organization, learn how to increase participation by utilizing reward incentives, and learn what program funding resources are available to them.
To boost the capabilities of the hybrid system during trailering and highway operations, once the system reaches fourth gear power goes through all the gearing with one motor acting as the booster and the other fulfilling the regeneration requirements.
These forces will boost household savings and consumption, giving Japan a new window of growth opportunity.
The Light bar boosts mental energy with ginseng and ginko boloba and The yoghurt bar provides and immune boost with echinacea, vitamin C and Zinc.
The rest of the circuitry is used to determine optimum frequency gain boost for equalization as the optimum gain boost depends on the location of the receiving device on the cable.
If given as a supplement, it can boost sperm motility from 17.
Ensure is targeted toward middle-age and older consumers; Boost is advertised as a quick, healthy snack for harried, working men and women.
the company that built GRO, believed that the boost would go smoothly.