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BOOTPBootstrap Protocol
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99 ISBN:0-13-099721-8 This book is about DHCP (dynamic host configuration protocol) which is the effectual successor to BOOTP, a protocol for delivering address and configuration information to network clients.
Modbus TCP, ADS/TCP, ADS/UDP, BootP, DHCP, SNTP and SMTP protocols.
Es posible asignar la IP en forma manual o tomandola desde un servidor DHCp o BOOTP.
In addition to PXE, the adapter's MBA firmware supports RPL, NetWare, DHCP and BOOTP network booting protocols, giving users total flexibility.
ProntoWatch monitors service levels for DHCP, BOOTP, and any other TCP-based application by using TCP Port Connect.
If the network already has a DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) server, a BootP (Bootstrap Protocol) server, or a RARP (Reverse Address Resolution Protocol) server available, then configuring the TCP/IP settings is very easy.