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BOPPBiaxially Oriented Polypropylene
BOPPBoard of Probation and Parole
BOPPBay of Plenty Polytechnic (Tauranga, New Zealand)
BOPPBritish Ornamental Plant Producers (UK; professional organization)
BOPPBenso Oil Palm Plantation Limited (Takoradi, Ghana)
BOPPBalance Of Payment Programmed
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Unlike the paper and cardboard labels commonly used in thermoforming, this BOPP can decorate the container on all five sides (all four lateral areas plus the bottom).
BIAXPLEN Establishes New BOPP Film Manufacturing Line II-42
With this coating, the high performance labels contain less plastic and adhesive while offering improved opacity, brightness and wet-strength when compared to traditional BOPP film laminated labels.
The global BOPP in films and sheets market has been analyzed to get an idea about the current proceedings in the packaging industry at the commercial level.
Considering the characteristics, unique properties and suitability for their end usage, BOPP and BOPET film sheets are best used as complements of each other and are not substitutes.
Promoted by Mr Ashok Jaipuria, the company is the largest exporter of BOPP films from India.
This is not just a function of market volumes and growth rates, but also market leadership as the major players in the BOPP market today are now head quartered in what AMI is calling the CHIME nations--China, India and the Middle East.
The outstanding sparkle and gloss of the film are important factors in the confectionery market, where shelf appeal and pack wrap tightness can influence purchasing decisions," said Steve Langstaff, BOPP Product Manager, Innovia Films.
Hart was made aware of the embargo only when he attempted to bring in former Nottingham Forest midfielder Bopp before his club's Carling Cup win over Stoke this week.
Bopp has argued before the United States Supreme Court five times.
The association notes with sadness the passing of Ken Bopp," said William J.