BOPVBoletin Oficial del Pais Vasco (Spanish: Official Bulletin of the Basque Country)
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The TOPV to BOPV switch implies that BOPV will replace TOPV in all types of vaccination activities like routine immunization and polio campaigns throughout the world, including Pakistan.
Removing type 2 component from OPV will improve the potency of BOPV against type 1 and type 3 which will help achieve polio free country and world.
The TOPV to BOPV switch will occur on 25th April 2016 and the objective is to remove the P2 virus from the world, even from the vaccine.
Munir further said that BOPV will be used in polio campaign from 25th April in 15 districts and monitoring teams from the provincial office will inspect the district and tehsil store to ensure no vial of TOPV is available anywhere in the province.
He said that Punjab government decided to introduce a new polio vaccine BOPV in order to eradicate polio for good, adding that Punjab government is the first provincial government to include polio vaccine in the immunization programme.