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BORDABremen Overseas Research and Development Association (Bremen, Germany)
BORDABritish Off Road Driving Association
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Bowen, 43, testified at length during his trial, and denied having intentionally killed Borda.
Now, in addition to serving as a social psychologist, Sava is in charge of acting and mime as the founder of the Borda Artists Front, a radical name for a simple idea.
Borda says in addition to the concert being free, one of the best ways the Philharmonic can demonstrate this to the community will be seen at the end of the program's first half, when Dudamel will conduct the Youth Orchestra of Los Angeles in a special arrangement of "Ode to Joy" from Beethoven's Ninth Symphony.
Tables 2 through 4 from the Survey paper (6) show the consensus priorities for each of the first three category types as determined by a traditionally weighted scoring technique called the Borda count.
Futterman & Associates, co-exclusively represented the seller, Borda Products, Inc.
Omer Golan's injurytime winner capped an astonishing night in Tel Aviv where the home side had taken an early lead through Elyaniv Borda.
If you really want to treat yourself, walk through the main area of La Borda in Pal to a waiter-service restaurant on a balcony surrounded by pine trees.
In the Borda Count technique, numerical values or weightings are assigned to each of the tasks in a subject matter expert's vector of votes.
The draw as it affects North-East and Cumbria players is: James Wilkinson (Brampton) v Philip Hein (Germany), Craig Wilkinson (Blyth) v Lewis Kirton (Newmachar), Paul O'Hara (Colville Park) v Jack Denwood (Eden), John Gair (Hexham) v Xavi Puig (Spain), Philip Waugh (Hexham) v Federico Colombo (Italy), Michael Burrow (Morpeth) v Kevin Truscott (Newmachar), Tom Maddison (Castle Eden) v Francesco Bonaga (Italy), Adam Bates (Blackwell Grange) v Joost Luiten (Netherlands), Thomas Robinson (Middlesbrough) v David Borda (Spain).
BEGINNING WITH HIS FIRST BOOK, Consejos para sobrevivir (1974; Advice for survival), Juan Gustavo Cobo Borda has brought to Colombian poetry a new yet perfectly recognizable style tangentially linked to the literary tradition of his homeland and one of uncommon intensity.
Please leave Instant Runoff and Borda counts where they belong--in dusty intellectual journals and as fascinating conversation at campus mixers.