BORDCBill of Rights Defense Committee
BORDCBuchan Off-Road Drivers Club (Scotland, UK)
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The BORDC has encouraged and supported community education and debate about the PATRIOT Act and other post-9/11 anti-terrorism laws and policies in living rooms, churches, union halls, and town halls nationwide.
The BORDC, the League of Women Voters, the American Library Association, the American Civil Liberties Union, and many other groups are urging their members and contacts to make phone calls to their congressional representatives on Wednesday, January 25, to demand safeguards to prevent the FBI from "fishing" through private purchase, medical, and library records without a statement of fact linking persons whose records are sought to a terrorism investigation, and to permit businesses and libraries to pose a meaningful challenge to a FISA Court order or a National Security Letter demanding customer records, among many other changes.
Since the BORDC formed in November 2001, community-based organizations have used BORDC's strategies, organizing assistance, community networking, and web-based resources to pass 400 resolutions and ordinances in 43 states, including statewide resolutions in Alaska, Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, Maine, Montana, and Vermont.