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BORGCyborg (Cybernetic Organism; Star Trek Universe)
BORGBMRT Ordinary Rendering GUI
BORGBuell Owner and Repair Group
BORGBrandeis Official Readers' Guild
BORGBuying Organization
BORGBored with the Ordinary Reading Group
BORGBig Old Retail Giant
BORGBusiness and Organizational Leadership
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The Anita Borg Technical Leadership Award recognizes and celebrates an outstanding woman technical leader.
Mr Borg told Cardiff County Court of his ordeal at the hands of police after he and his friend Marcus Walters had clashed with the skinheads.
Borg pleaded not guilty to one count of dangerous driving and one count each of driving with excess alcohol and without insurance during a hearing at North Tyneside Magistrates' Court.
Borg was the youngest of four children, born March 11,1942, in Minnesota and raised in a traditional Lutheran family He attended Concordia College in Minnesota where he majored in philosophy and political science.
It was a difficult decision but it would be unfair to say otherwise," Borg told MaltaToday shortly after his official approval by MEPs.
Bjorn Borg's investing partner in China, Penny York, has held senior positions since 2004 for an international underwear brand with over 500 points of sale before deciding to join the Bjorn Borg China initiative.
Borg, who is trained by his cousin Tony Borg, was a late starter, not joining the professional ranks until he was 30, but he insists he is not in any rush to make up for lost time.
Borg was a great athlete and impossible to break down mentally - he never gave anything away and was a counter-punch competitor.
The visit of Borg follows a tour made by a trade delegation last month.
Al Borg shares last traded on Wednesday on the Egyptian stock exchange at 204.
Despite being stretched to five sets to see off the Spaniard, Borg believes the Swiss superstar can step up to challenge on the red clay of Roland Garros, and claim the only Grand Slam title that still eludes him.