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BORGCyborg (Cybernetic Organism; Star Trek Universe)
BORGBinary Operations Research Group
BORGBMRT Ordinary Rendering GUI
BORGBuell Owner and Repair Group
BORGBrandeis Official Readers' Guild
BORGBuying Organization
BORGBored with the Ordinary Reading Group
BORGBig Old Retail Giant
BORGBanks Organized Religion Government
BORGBusiness and Organizational Leadership
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Borg Vs McEnroe bottles emotions beneath a pristine exterior and some briskly edited tennis sequences.
Baseline Group has a total of 90 employees and a turnover in 2015 for the BjA[pilcrow sign]rn Borg brand of approximately EUR 23.
Tristan de Boysson, Managing Director, Investcorp Corporate Investment - MENA said, "Al Borg benefits from the positive healthcare dynamics in the region.
Ian Borg explained that, to date, three calls for proposals have been issued, addressing areas of employability and adaptability, social inclusion, education, training and lifelong learning and institutional administrative capacity.
The court heard Borg was alleged to have driven at high speeds over a miniroundabout, causing another vehicle to swerve to avoid a collision, performed an illegal manoeuvre called a fishtail as he approached the Tyne Tunnel and drove the wrong way round a roundabout.
Borg then went on to further studies at Oxford University in England and taught at various Midwest universities on his return to the U.
With regard to cloning, Borg defended the ban on cloning for food products, while recognising that the main problems related to "labelling of food from cloned animals and up to which generation that should be continued".
After the 198 election, Borg was appointed Minister of the Interior and the Environment.
Buckland's homecoming show - The 'Return of the Welsh Warriors' show - is presented by Steve Sims Promotions in association with Tony Borg.
Borg was a great athlete and impossible to break down mentally - he never gave anything away and was a counter-punch competitor.
According to Dr Ahmed El Saifi, Founder and Chairman of Al Borg Laboratories, Al Borg has been preparing for the accreditation for the last 2 years as it continues to ensure highest standards of quality and industry best practice are provided to its large and growing client base.
New Delhi, Jan 9 (ANI): Deputy Prime Minister of Malta, Tonio Borg met External Affairs Minister SM Krishna here on Friday.