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BORIBhandarkar Oriental Research Institute (Pune, India)
BORIBill of Rights Institute (est. 1999)
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Right now, both Bori and Sokare are under our full control," he said.
Wedi rhyw fis o bori, euthum i Archifdy Caernarfon a chanfod tystysgrif geni Hannah Rees, (nain i nain fy nain) a anwyd ym 1780.
Dyma gyfrol hynod ddefnyddiol i bori ynddi, cyfrol fydd yn peri i rywun ryfeddu ambell dro, porthi'n dawel dro arall, a diolch am gyfraniad pobl drwyddi draw.
It is an annoyance, something not to be responded to but punished: "As Fanlin revised some notes, Bori alighted on the keys and stomped out a few feeble notes, which encouraged him to play more.
In its initial stage of investigation into rhino-poaching cases in Kaziranga National Park (KNP), the CBI said it has got "some vital clues" from Bori who was picked up from the Agaratali range a few days back.
The second penalty arrived in the 86 minute when Gary Breen handled a cross from Bori and Zsolt Laczko converted the spot-kick.
Alnwick 7, Chambers 6, Kisnorbo 6, McAuley 6, Clapham 5 (Fryatt 6), Hume 6, Oakley 6, Clemence 6, Bori 4 (Campbell 5), Hayles 5 (Laczko 4), Howard 5.
LEICESTER(4-4-2): Ben Alnwick; Richard Stearman, Gareth McAuley, Patrick Kisnorbo, Joe Mattock; Gabor Bori, Matt Oakley, Stephen Clemence, Zsolt Laczko (81 mins, Barry Hayles); Steve Howard, Iain Hume (90 mins, James Wesolowski).
Gabor Bori, one of two Hungarians signed by Holloway this week, played a bigger part the longer the game went on.
Further, it is perfectly clear that Bori society evolved historically by adapting itself to diverse situations: first, it faced the challenges posed by colonial domination, and afterwards it faced the impetuous growth of Islam.
Tim Burton's ex-muse Lisa Marie showed up in a Bori puzzle dress circa the '70s.
Applications developed using the Studio, Bori and AppServer 4.