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is the work of Judge Robert Bork and Professor Gregory Sidak.
The distinguishing features of modern originalism could only be vaguely perceived in Bork's Indiana Law Journal article, which, as Bork said at the time, "did not offer a complete theory of constitutional interpretation" but rather set out to "attack a few points that may [have been] regarded as salient in order to clear the way for such a theory.
The level of unfamiliarity with recent nominees has varied from a low of 19% for Roberts and Sonia Sotomayor to a high of 44% for Bork.
Mores recalcitrance should not be interpreted as rebellious acts of disobedience, Bork warns, or as selfish substitutions of private morality for public duty.
As Bork rightly observes, this conclusion had in fact been hotly contested in the years immediately following the passage of the Sherman Act in 1890.
While it's possible to "stand" between Bork, Snyder or Papert without standing behind one of them, assuming a stance increases clarity and makes implementation more consistent.
But Bork didn't dwell on that during her visit with the tea lady.
According to Bork and Gunnarsdottir (2001), academic achievement is affected when involved in distance learning of all kinds.
government, especially in the judiciary, McCotter replied that, since the rejection of the Bork nomination to the Supreme Court, a third criterion--"politically acceptable"--has been added to the original two criteria for suitability for judicial positions at the federal level: professional qualifications and upstanding moral character.
The ruling, Bork asserted, rests on "arguments that did not rise above the quality of a late-night philosophy session in a dormitory.
As far as we know, no one has tallied the number of distinguished figures whose services the public has been denied because of the disgusting practices inaugurated when Robert Bork was nominated to a position on the Supreme Court.
The ministry's Assistant Press Secretary Daisuke Matsunaga also met with the Sueddeutsche Zeitung's correspondent in Japan, Henrik Bork, and demanded the newspaper publish an apology, Kawashima said.