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BORTBedrijven Overleg Regio Tilburg (Dutch: Tilburg Business Discussion Area; Netherlands)
BORTBusiness Outreach and Response Team (Lakeport, CA)
BORTBritish Overseas Racing Team
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The rules meant that Barreda Bort and Sunderland were forced to open the road and the Spaniard was in impressive form to reach PC1 1min 49sec in front of Sunderland and 2min 28sec ahead of Coma.
Topics Covered: -Australia wine -Australia fortified wine -Australia sparkling wine -Australia still wine -Australia socioeconomic profile -Australia macroeconomic profile -Research methodology Companies Mentioned: -Penfolds -Mcwilliams -De Bort
Powder, Dust, Bort and Grit (includes corresponding
He's still getting acclimated to his new surroundings and making adjustments to the game here, but everyone saw flashes of what he's capable of today,'' Sylmar coach Bort Escoto said.
The merger of Arrowhead Brass and Champion Irrigation combines two well known brands and will create significant manufacturing and overhead cost savings as well as cross-selling opportunities with plumbing and irrigation customers," said Randy Bort, managing director of Mercanti.
Team HRC's Joan Barreda Bort was second and Dubai-based Briton Sam Sunderland was third.
Sgorio Cymru: Bangor v Prestatyn (S4C, 1pm) Wedi i Bort Talbot herio'r Bala yn Aberystwyth ddoe, tro deiliad y Gwpan, Bangor a Phrestatyn yw hi heddiw i sicrhau eu lle yn rownd derfynol Cwpan Cymru a fydd yn cael ei chwarae ym Mharc y Scarlets ym mis Mai.
We've had some big name players in this tournament over the years and that really helped put the name out there,'' tournament executive director and Sylmar coach Bort Escoto said.
Bort MetroCenter in the William Lucias Conference Room, Third Floor, 101 - 8th Street, Oakland, California.
Caerfyrddin aeth e hi pan ddaeth y ddau dAm wyneb yn wyneb yn y gynghrair tro diwethaf, ond tybed a all Bort Talbot ddod i'r brig y tro hwn?
Drew hit big shot after big shot,'' Sylmar coach Bort Escoto said.