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BOSSIBoard of Surveying and Spatial Information (Australia)
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We also have a proven track record with Negri Bossi, in terms of both the reliability of their equipment and the levels of service they provide.
With a background in publishing and fashion, Yana Nirshberg, Managing Partner and Creative Director of ParadigmNEXT, strategized the new design, making the Mia Bossi bags the center of attention.
Marina could take over from her father," Bossi told Ansa news agency.
Lieutenant Colonel Bossi added: "First and foremost, we're combat soldiers and we've proved that on operations throughout our history.
Lt Col Bossi said "It's been an extraordinarily tough tour, very costly and I know that everybody will be pleased that side of it is over.
The premier defended his reliance on Bossi, telling the lawmakers the League is "the only political asset that will guarantee stability.
Villa Bossi Pucci, which takes its name from the last family to have owned the property over four generations, will become the focal point of a Private Residence Club, created by converting its historic farm buildings into luxurious new holiday homes.
Travel Business Review-October 29, 2010--Interval International Announces Addition of Villa Bossi Pucci Residence Club(C)2010] ENPublishing - http://www.
outweighing the Lega Nord (LN or the Northern League) - led by Umberto Bossi.
The Italian camp has been rocked by politician Umberto Bossi, who outrageously suggested that Slovakia might be bribed to ensure Italy's progress to the knockout stage in exchange for some of their players joining Serie A next season.
It's the perfect time to browse through the beautifully illustrated, informed and informative pages of "Joy in Your Garden: A Seasonal Guide to Gardening", the collaborative work experienced gardening enthusiasts Joy Bossi and Karen Bastow.
Umberto Bossi, the party's leader, said in an interview last week that it would be "fairly logical" for the Northern League to do better than the PDL in Veneto and Piedmont.