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I am sure if you asked young girls today what they would preferred to be called, a ho or bossy, the overwhelming majority would rather they weren't labelled a whore.
I wasn't in the courtroom to hear all the testimony, but there's no indication that the word bossy was ever actually uttered by any witness.
Yet when a little girl does the same, she risks being branded bossy.
In short, we're the bossy old bats who refuse to be ignored and long may we continue.
Bossy returned from the didactic portion of her course, she came back to her unit to learn the clinical skills required for her new role.
A JUST like adults, some children are naturally bossy and expect everyone else to do what they want, when they want, and how they want it.
The line includes seven highly pigmented shades ($20)--Prudish Pink, Rock Star Red, Gold Digger, Mysterious Mocha, Promiscuous Pink, Passionate Peach, and Bossy Berry--as well as Gold Digger, a shade that goes from day to night with an extra pop of shimmer.
Q After a stupid spat last year with a fellow member of a charity committee, I admit I went round badmouthing her for being so unbelievably bossy that she puts everyone's back up.
Karen Lee Cooper told Brisbane police the argument about the rock star was the last straw in a long history of bossy behaviour by her husband.
The witty takes on hard-to-deal-with personality traits, humanized through alliterative names such as Gertrude Grudge, Bob Bossy, and Larry Lazy.
Perhaps too bossy to be a damsel in distress (she's a Cladwell, after all), Lohman gets a power-hungry little gleam in her eye when she finally gets to lead the rebellion.
Ruth Ohi, the award-winning illustrator of over 40 children's books, has created two new picture books, Clara and the Bossy and The Couch Was a Castle featuring guinea pig characters and aimed at primary aged children.