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BOTBack on Topic
BOTBank of Thailand
BOTRobot (especially a software agent)
BOTBuild-Operate-Transfer (project outsourcing; information technology delivery model)
BOTBoard of Trade
BOTBoard of Trustees
BOTBank of Tanzania (est. 1965)
BOTBack on Track
BOTBooks On Tape (audio books)
BOTBest Of Times
BOTBalance of Trade
BOTBurton-On-Trent (UK town)
BOTBeginning Of Tape
BOTBottom-Up Approach
BOTBeans on Toast
BOTBaker Oil Tools
BoTBuoni Ordinari del Tesoro (Italian: Treasury Bill)
BOTBirds of Tokyo (band)
BOTAir Botswana (ICAO code)
BOTBritish Overseas Territory
BOTBastion of Thunder (gaming)
BOTBasic Officer Training
BOTBeginning of Track
BOTBachelor of Occupational Therapy
BOTBoots of Travel (gaming)
BOTBeginning Of Table
BOTBearings-Only Tracking
BOTBuy Operate Transfer
BOTBrussels Overleg Thuiszorg (Dutch: Brussels Homecare Consultation; Brussels, Belgium)
BOTBroadcast Online Television
BOTBeginning Of Transmission
BOTBottom of Tape
BOTBurst On Target
BOTBusiness Operations Team
BOTBasic Orientation Training
BOTBeginning Of Tour
BOTBiotronic Operational Telecommunicator (Transformers cartoon)
BOTBlanket Open Test Assembly
BOTBill of Operation & Transfer
BOTBroad Operational Task
BOTBand of Thieves
BOTBureau of Treasury (Philippines)
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We shine a light on those hiding places by using continuous monitoring that preemptively blocks an ad from being served to a bot, thereby preventing the criminals behind it from making money, and protecting the advertiser's investment.
Subscribing for the Soldier Plan will give details on the number of bots attacking the site, the amount of traffic coming from these bots as well as the ISP and the geography of the bot origin.
Before entering into the bot highway, it is important to know the name of thine enemy:
Release new patches regularly to make it difficult for bot makers to push in their characters.
KPMG are leading financial advisers and Trowers & Hamlins are leading legal advisers and we will jointly help deliver pragmatic solutions to Eskan Bank on the BOT projects," he added.
The BOJ will open accounts for the Thai central bank to take JGBs on Monday, and effective from the same day, the BOT will start accepting JGBs as eligible collateral for part of its liquidity-provision operation.
royalty on turnover; maintains a non dilutable position in BOT for
Software called Bf Bot Manager offers several different bots that can be customised to work by almost any betting strategy and if that is not enough then a completely new custom bot can be made on request.
From a bot master perspective, the weakest part in such botnets is the C&C server.
Speaker volume aside, not too much has changed in the last couple of decades Bot wise.
BOT MENA announced an exclusive executive level Project /Program/Portfolio Management Office (PMO) workshop designed to provide you with business driven PMO setup strategies and hands-on learning to ensure the success of your PMO, which will help improve your organization bottom line / net profit by minimizing projects' cost over-run typically seen in multiple initiatives/projects/programs-based organizations.
Dr Stephen Prior, Programme Leader for the Masters in Design Engineering at Middlesex, had the idea for the Bot last summer.