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In general, there is a steady increase in ICTs use and surveillance (Botan, 1996; Vorvoreanu & Botan, 2000).
Despite being pressed for time, Botan spoke to Gulf News as she was eagerly assembling her Green City robot.
Fitch Ratings' general manager in Turkey, Ayse Botan Berker, said Turkey's general elections in 2011 was the most important source of concern for the country's economy.
Botan Anderson describes his working farm, Mystic Prairie, as "a small, scythe-based ecological farm.
Whether the vote scheduled for October 23 counts as one attempt would be up to the constitutional court, which would take no less than two weeks to rule on the issue, local analyst Igor Botan said, as quoted by Timpul daily.
Secretary-General Ban went on to pay tribute to the deceased: Botan Ahmed Ali Al-Hayawi (of Iraq), and Farzana Barkat, Abid Rahman, Gul Rukh Tahir and Mohammad Wahab of Pakistan, saying they were united in their desire to help the suffering people of Pakistan.
Hoy la luna esta de compras/ Desde un tranvia/ el sol como un pasajero/ lee la ciudad/ las esquinas/ adelgazan a los viandantes/ y el viento empuja/ los coches de alquiler/ Se botan programas de la luna/ (se dara la tierra)/ pelicula sportiva pasada dos veces/ losperfumesabrenalbums/ de miradas internacionales/ El policeman domestica la brisa/ y el ruido de los clacksons ha puesto los vestidos azules.
Greek Salad with Botan Shrimp Tartare and Fried Phyllo (Serves 4)
Ako ti oji lowuro fowo leran Ako ti oji lowuro kawo botan Ako ti o nise a a se Ako ti o loko a a ro Iru won ye leni a a saata .
Ambassador to Moldova and election observer during the recent elections--and Igor Botan and Angela Sirbu--both of whom are members of Coalition 2005, an association of 150-200 Moldovan NGOs set up to ensure free and fair elections--to find out more.
Among other popular brands are ABC of PT Asiatic Union Perdana, Botan of PT Bali Maya Permai, Ayam Brand of PT Far East Trading and Sakura of PT Karya Manunggal Prima Sukses.