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BOTBBattle of the Bands
BOTBBest of The Best
BOTBBattle of the Blades (Canadian reality TV show)
BOTBBattle of the Bulge
BOTBBritish Overseas Trade Board
BOTBBottom of the Barrel
BOTBBattle of the Brains
BOTBBabies on the Brain
BOTBBrothers of the Blade
BOTBBrothers of the Bottle
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BOTB ends on Saturday night with performances by Arwa, Malikah and Faithless, on their 20th anniversary tour.
I remember doing that BOTB in Drummonds all those years ago and there were a lot of bands falling out with one another and stuff and there's no need.
BOTB was started in 2003 as a grassroots effort to reward bloggers for their online publishing efforts.