BOTYBattle of the Year (breakdance competition)
BOTYBoat Of The Year
BOTYBarbershopper of the Year
BOTYBoy of the Year
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Before this final stage, the eight Bboys (breakdancers) namely Ahmed Bouali, Hichem Chelbi, Mohamed Saihi, Montassar Ben Salem, Rafik Jgham, Rami Nefzi, SofiE ne Trabelsi and Yassine Rmadhnia must win the final at BOTY Africa on November 16 against teams from Algeria, Morocco, South Africa and Zimbabwe.
PRIZE winner of overall title The the BOTY receive Echo will a 20x16 Liverpool other plus the 2014, of will Each winners canvas.
5 PAULINE BOTY Boty was a 1960s British artist who was in love with pop and had no problem with her femininity.