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Then Eric stepped back to gather his wits, while a great shout went up and all were glad that Nottingham had cracked Lincoln's crown; and thus ended the first bout of the game.
and they came together again; but now Eric played warily, for he found his man was of right good mettle, and also he had no sweet memory of the blow that he had got; so this bout neither Little John nor the Lincoln man caught a stroke within his guard.
And thus ended the famous bout between Little John and Eric o' Lincoln of great renown.
In the final bout, however, Sir Nigel struck his opponent with so true an aim that the point of the lance caught between the bars of his vizor and tore the front of his helmet out, while the German, aiming somewhat low, and half stunned by the shock, had the misfortune to strike his adversary upon the thigh, a breach of the rules of the tilting-yard, by which he not only sacrificed his chances of success, but would also have forfeited his horse and his armor, had the English knight chosen to claim them.
But the time was rapidly drawing near when I was to begin my second series of bouts with John Barleycorn.
I went into the ring with an aim to finish the bout as soon as possible.
2001: M Ryder (Gus Robinson) 30kg no bouts; L Clary (South Shields) 35kg 2 bouts 1 win; S McAuley (Bishop Auckland) 35kg 11 bouts won 8; E Stonehouse (Spennymoor) 39kg 8 bouts won 4; J Lepoidevin (Aycliffe) 45kg 10 bouts won 8; O Watson (Dunston) 53kg 3 bouts won 3.
As a Bout judge, players will select an inspiring phrase or category from a list of prompts such as "Something Contagious," "Art Made From Desk Supplies" or "A Guilty Pleasure," and post the challenge to friends playing the game.
As applicable to the strength gains, the cross-transfer effect have been proposed as plausible for the protection against muscle damage after a first bout of damaging exercise to a contra lateral muscle.
Bout ran an air cargo business in Sharjah in the 1980s and it is suspected that he used it as a front for his illegal arms trade.
Bout was convicted on charges of conspiring to kill Americans, selling anti-aircraft missiles, and to provide material support to a foreign terrorist organization.
The documents indicate that Bout had been trying to expand his operations in Libya.