BOVYBest Overall Value of the Year (IntelliChoice)
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com selects BOVY winners based on the most important factors that determine the long-term costs of a vehicle, says Bell.
Though the BOVY Awards are strictly data driven and not influenced by editorial opinions, Bell had the opportunity to drive both vehicles and was impressed by the refinements made over the prior models.
Bell also noted the strong presence of hybrids on the 2009 BOVY list, with hybrids winning eight out of 30 segments.
Against these criteria, buyers can expect a lower cost of ownership for BOVY winners in relation to what they would expect a vehicle in its class to cost.
The independent information research firm presents BOVY Awards to cars and trucks in 34 separate categories that it considers to be good values and projected to cost significantly less to own than other vehicles within the respective categories.
BMW's efforts to lower the cost of ownership have reaped benefits to the consumer through increased resale value -- a major factor in determining a BOVY winner.
Chevrolet's BOVY awards were spread among seven models -- Camaro, Express van and S-10 pickup were ranked the best overall values in their segments.
GMC for example, has won five individual BOVY class awards for 1996.
These extensive reports, plus a list of the new and used car BOVY winners are available at IntelliChoice's web site.